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A Place to nurture Ideas!

Why do we need this? All the Aspiring Researchers out there! This is posted by keeping all the undergrads in mind.  Most of the Undergrads work in a project where PI drives the idea and we work mainly to execute them in the lab (Of Course, there is nothing wrong about it). Ever wondered how satisfying it is to execute your own idea? The ideas/interests that we might have accumulated over time are very vague or not concrete enough to execute them. I hope you can relate to this. I was thinking of a forum/platform where we can devote our time exclusively to build an idea (of someone) based on papers they might have read or the field that we are interested in. Building an idea takes time for anyone! If we try to put in cumulative efforts (different perspectives can help maybe!) solely to construct an idea of anyone, I think it would be great. This could also lead to the emergence of new ideas! The bottomline : Narrowing down to a specific idea and learn to frame hypothesis. Strategy (maybe
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Connecting the dots

Ever since I started pursuing science, there has always been some kind of doubt. The question of “Am I heading in correct direction or not?” “Is it what I truly desire? “ “Would I have done better in something else?” “Did I not explore that?“ Kept bothering me. Since few days, I really enjoyed the way I found joy in exploring small things. I also realized that there is nothing else which gives me the great pleasure other than doing science. I get fascinated with things that I read and see. This fascination drives me to understand more. As i get fascinated with different things that I see, somewhere down the line, I strongly believe there’s a beautiful story which is stitching together while exploring it. This current mindset which I have to find joy in small things found the pleasure in something which made my day. I don’t know for what reason that is driving me since morning. Never have I ever had a hassle free day, this one subtle euphoria (which remains constant) ke

A Disciple of Feynman's Teaching

Understand what you do!  Be precise about anything that you write/say. Don't be superficial. Get into deeper layers of Understanding. Richard Feynman once said:                                                                                     "I don't know anything.                   But, I know that it will be interesting              if you go deep into it." Feynman was one of the great scientists of all time, a much-loved professor at Caltech and a curious character who mastered thinking and physics. Singapore hosted a brand new exhibition on Feynman's Curious Life: All possible paths to celebrate 100 years of his life. I spent some time there, learned about his contributions to this world and his attempts to teach science in a funny way! Loved it! 'QANTUM' VAN: In 1975, He brought a new Dodge Tradsman Maxivan and painted the exterior with his famous Feynman Diagrams. He obtained a license plate but due to the limited num

Frugal Innovator in everyone!

Writes every day.  Helps everyone.  Hustles hard! This one is about a Lab technician from my college. I always look up to him. He helped me whenever I face difficulty in handling instruments. I've learned so much about principles and instrumentation of every experiment that I perform. I thought he is leading an ordinary life who wishes to keep his family happy.  A monotonic happy life. 9-5 Job. 20k salary. I've seen him writing but never really asked him. One day, He left that book open and went to see his boss. I Opened it. BOOM! Completely blown away. Things that drew me: Newspaper cuttings, Scribbled stories, Scientific sketches, and Technical content. It was full of innovative sketches which include facts and history. I asked him why was he so secretive about this. He replied that people will laugh at me when they see this. He always pushed his boundaries. But, we as a society, made him think in this manner. I didn't judge him but never expected this much fr

What actually defines you?

Few questions that I always ask myself  Is it the social intelligence that defines you? Is it the good looks that defines you? Is it the physical health that defines you? We have many ways to quantify intelligence,looks and physical health. Intelligence can be quantified with the help of so called I.Q (Intelligent Quotient), Looks can be quantified based on the Age/tone of your skin/your smile etc. Likewise, Health can also be quantified based on diet you follow / Exercise to keep yourself fit each day. All the parameters mentioned above not exactly define you.They are tools to assess you at that particular instant. Human minds are not static,they swing in different directions. Life is an integration of situations/instances that you face over time. Decision making is always difficult because the future of the curve is decided by decisions that you make. It is very hard to sustain your momentum going but when you choose different track you have to make sure that you follo

The Unrestrained One

It was during that time on Christmas when the day was about to come to an end there came a moment that I will remember throughout my life.Exactly after 25 days came out peacefully there in the heaven resting his soul. Love you'll always remain in our hearts.your preaching has always been an asset. The times that I had spent with you is the most cherish able moments of my life. The real definition of hard work was taught by him, the way he dealt with things, the way he approaches people to get things done are captivating. I'm writing this to express my gratitude towards my Grandfather.The reason behind writing this is to revive his legacy, the way he lead his life without any restrictions and he also let everyone to live on their own terms and conditions. In fact, he pulled the strings of many lunatic people from grass root level and transcended them to achieve many milestones. He is omnipresent and has a unique characterization to deal with different characters.I

The Oscillations of life

Why human always tend to be perfect? In this society,we have framed an agenda on how society should look an individual. Frame-worked in such a way that others should only have positive opinion on us. Agree with the fact that we should be doing that to have healthy relationships in the society. When one undergoes the toughest phase of his life,why is the society ignoring them? I feel that when society ignores him he may undergo different emotions, this could be the main reason for creating aversion towards the society. Just talk to them, make them feel secure , create an environment in a such a way that divert his mind against aversion. Please never ignore them, because they make a beautiful life. What life means to me? Life is a combination of mixed feelings,thoughts.......... "Life is like a piano.White keys are happy moments and black keys are sad moments.But remember both are played together to give sweet music." This is one of my favourite quotes. I have the habit